DIY Incense Kit

DIY Incense Kit


Hand dip your own incense sticks! These are unscented charcoal incense sticks and you decide what fragrance you want to scent them with. If you want more than one fragrance, let me know! These make a great gift or a cool intro into DIY home fragrance.

Please specify your fragrance(s) at checkout or via the contact form.

Here’s a list of what I have right now. If you want me to choose one for you just let me know!


  • 20 unscented incense sticks

  • 1 oz fragrance/DPG mixture (Dipropylene glycol is a solvent used in perfume and cosmetics to bind and carry the fragrances. It dilutes the fragrance oil so your sticks aren’t too overpowering.)

  • Instructions

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