general faq


what is coconut wax and Why do you use it?

Coconut wax is made from coconut oil. It’s soft and burns slowly, creating a smooth finish after every burn. for over a year i used just coconut wax but recently my source has been less reliable (long wait periods, etc) SO I USE A CUSTOM MIX OF COCONUT AND SOY WAXES.

How do refills work?

They are half price (rounded down if price is an odd number) and unlimited. Fill out this form or send me a DM on Instagram. You can either drop them off and pick them up from me in the Old East Dallas/Lakewood area or mail them to me and I can just add the cost of postage to the refill amount.

i will clean them out, attach a new wick and pour new wax. I would prefer if you gave me a general scent type (woodsy, floral, etc) rather than a specific scent combination but as long as I have the scents on hand I can generally accommodate.

Do you host private events?

yep! just get in contact with me and let me know what you’re looking for and whether you would need me to rent studio space to host it. prices depend on venue, number of people, and whether or not we stick to my usual workshop format of two 4-8 oz candles per person.

Where do you source your wax and fragrance?

My COCONUT wax is from California Candle Supply. my SOY WAX AND fragrance oilS ARE from AAA Candle Supply in Dallas. I don’t use essential oil because it’s not made to be heated up to the temperature needed to melt wax and will evaporate out resulting in a very weak scent.

For the incense sticks I use a mixture of dipropylene glycol and fragrance oil at a 2:1 ratio. DPG is a solvent with low toxicity that binds and carries fragrance oil (often used in perfume).

Where do you buy your jars?

Here’s a list of my favorite thrift stores.

i have an issue.

reach out!

Why won’t the wax on the sides of my candle melt?

If the flame is extinguished before the entire top layer is melted, the candle will begin to tunnel (or burn straight down without melting the wax along the sides). I scrape off the wax that remains on the sides in order to create a flat surface. The next time I light it I let it burn for three or four hours.